Rutland organ Marsum, NL

Reconstruction 1999, Orgelmakerij van der Putten

In 1999 the Orgelmakerij van der Putten made a reconstruction of a medieval instrument for an exposition of the Drenths museum in Assen (NL).
The concept is based on a drawing in the Rutland Psalter, published around 1260 in England, and the discription in the manuscriptn of Theophilus and of the Berner anonymous writer.
Today, Super Librum is owner and user of this instrument, which is placed in the small church of Marsum, Groningen.

Jankees Braaksma plays on the Rutland organ.
The organ has nineteen keys and two rows of wooden, conical pipes.
The concept is based on the drawings of the Rutland Psalter, texts of the Benedict monk Theophilus of the 11th century an anonymous author from Bern and discussions between Jankees Braaksma and Winold van der Putten.
"Listen to the organ"(2,41 mb)

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