Disposition Nijmegen, NL

Orgelmakerij van der Putten, 2006

An organ in remembrence of a loved one.......

In may 2004, we got the commission to build a house organ for an organist living in Nijmegen. Because of an inheritance she got from her aunt, this was made possible.
At that time we were making a copy of an italian positive for a customer in Italy. Her aunt had always been an Italy lover. Since the organiste has a predilection for the sound ideas of italian organs (for example the different often open flutes with refined gradations in sound), the idea was risen to make this instrument in Italian style. As extra memory to her aunt we made an owl in the woodcarvings.

Although the organ looks somewhat as a northdutch house organ with two manuals and a pull-down pedal, the inside for the most part, has a lot of italian reminiscences. We took back bricks from Italy to use for the weights on the bellows. For the prospect pipes we used cypress from Italy. For these pipes the organ in Montepulciano (S.M. delle Grazie) was model.
The typical italian elements of this 'organo di legno' are the rollerboard with rollers of bended and flat hammered iron rods, the bellows of chestnut, and the low windpressure (48 mm), manualkeys covered with boxwood and the copper casted stopknobs made by Simon Laudy, witness of a playful and attentive composition of the remembrance idea.

Manual I



Manual II





C-e transmission with the Holpijp 8', after Italian example prospect pipes from f tot g'',
rest inner pipes. Pipes of cypreswood.
C-b transmission with the Fluit 4' of II. From c' own pipes, conical open
C-b stopped, c' to f''' open of maple.

Wooden stopped pipes.
C-b stopped, c'-dis'' chimneyflute, e''-f''' open pipes.
C-b stopped, rest open.

The pipes are made of Libanon ceder, when not otherwise mentioned.
The case is also made of Libanon ceder.
Pedalkeyboard and bench: cherry wood.
Compass: C-f'''
Pedalcompass: C-f'
Pedalcoupler I/Pedal
Pedalcoupler II/Pedal
Temperament: Valotti 440