Hervormde Church Midwolde (NL)

Andreas de Mare, 1657 - 1660,
Restoration 1986, Albert de Graaf
Cleaning and overhaul 2013, Orgelmakerij van der Putten


Manual (CDEFGA-c''')


4 vt (bass-treble)
11/2 vt (bass)
2 st. (treble)
2 vt (bass-treble)
2-3 st. (bass-treble)
11/2 vt. (bass-treble)
8 vt (bass-treble)

No pedal

Registration aid:
Tremulant (inline tremulant; de Graaf, 1989)
Nightingale (v.d. Putten 2013)

The organ was made by Andreas de Mare between 1657 and 1660; he used parts (case, windchest and pipes) of a already existing houseorgan already possibly present in the church, in 1630 made by Levinus Eekman. The instrument was originaly probably in the manor Nienoord.
The restoration was executed by A.H. de Graaf in 1986. He was attended by a consultant commitee under guidance of Klaas Bolt. Missing pipes were reconstructed in Eekman- ,resp. de Mare- style; the stopmecanics was newly constructed.

Text from:
Het Groninger Orgelbezit van Adorp tot Zijldijk
Deel II Westerkwartier

In 2013 was a cleaning and overhaul done by Orgelmakerij van der Putten.
We have given on demand of Victor Timmer a function to a small stop action backfall in the cheek. By this backfall is a valve connected through the rollerboard. We made a nightingale and placed it dismountable on the stop action and connected it to the treble backfall.
All the pipes were taken off and cleaned. The slider seals were controled and repaired. The meantone tuning, after Mersenne, was replaced. The voicing was corrected.