Hervormde Church Finsterwolde

H.H. Freytag, 1808,
restoration 1972, Albert de Graaf
maintenance 2012/2013, Orgelmakerij van der Putten

Disposition in order of the windchest:

Manual (C-f''')

Fluit travers
Ged. Fluit

8 vt
16 vt treble
16 vt
8 vt
8 vt treble
8 vt
4 vt
4 vt
3 vt
4 vt
2 vt
3 - 6 st. bass/treble
2 vt.
16 vt bass/ treble
8 vt

Pedal (C-d'): pull-down

Extra stops:
Wind supply: three bellows in a separate case behind the organ, one lever of the three is removed when a wind motor was placed

Composition mixtuur:

C - 2,(13/5),11/3
c - 2,(13/5), 11/3, (11/3)
c - 31/5, 22/3, 2, 11/3, (11/3)
c - 4, 31/5, 22/3, (22/3), 2, (2)
c - 51/3 , 4, (4), 31/5, 22/3, (22/3)

There are not clear mentioning's that the old cross church had an organ after the Reformation. The existing instrument was built in 1808 by H.H.Freytag. His name is painted above the manual. The instrument was placed on a gallery above the entrance, supported by three wooden columns. In the middle of the gallery is a place for lecturing. The pipes of this completely original instrument are placed on two wind chests.
Important and unique are the big number of stops placed on one manual. In 1868 a large overhaul was made in the organ by N.A.G. Lohman. In 1887 they were followed by repairs of Fa. P. van Oeckelen en Zonen.
In these years the tuning was also changed and the pitch was made higher by a quarter tone ( to a tone above normal), by changing the tuning rolls at the bigger pipes and shortening of a part of the smallest ones.
Through these changes had several ranks of the Mixtuur to be made out of function. In 1972 restored Albert de Graaf the organ. It was not possible without shortening of the mute-made pipes, to let all the Mixtuur ranks function. Concluded was that the existent situation was remained.

Text translated from:
Het Groninger Orgelbezit van Adorp tot Zijldijk
Deel III Oldambt/Westerwolde

In 2012/2013 was a large overhaul done by us after the restoration of the church building. During the work on the church we sealed the organ for dust. After the unpacking all the pipes were taken of the chests and cleaned. Small voicing problems were solved, all was replaced and is correctly tuned.