Demonstration organ to instruct pupils in the functioning of an organ,
made in 2010 by Orgelmakerij van der Putten in Finsterwolde

The organ has 19 tones. The manual reaches from h to a''
on the key h sounds the tone g (used as a fundamental of the dominant or as endtone)

Explanation of the keys h-a'':
g, c', (cis' only key, but no pipes), d', es', e', f', fis', g', (gis' only key, but no pipes), a', b', h', c'', cis'', d'', (es'' only key, but no pipes), f'', g'', (gis'' only key, but no pipes), a''

The keys of the not speaking tones are marked with a brass nail.




9x stopped of wood, 4x stopped of metal, 6x chimney flute
in the prospect with goldened French mouths
cylindrical open, as Prestant 4
conical flute
blocks and boots of libanonceder, resonators hammered metal;
shallots with covering, without and duckbill shallots
(10% tin)
(80% tin)
(10% tin)
(10% tin)
  (2% tin)


Wind pressure
installed on longest wooden pipe
lost wind tremulant, the bellows and the wooden spring are hanging
empty toeboard, lateron a "Nightingale" was installed, the slider is partualy visible by a transparant window
42 mm
The bungboard has a piece of glass which shows the inside of the box with its pallets etc. All the moving parts are visible when the organ is being used.

The windingsystem can be used in two ways. The bellows can be pumped (only for a smal registration) or one can use the electric blower which is located in a seperate box. It is connected to the organ by a flexible hose.

The wooden pipes, the baring parts and the playing action is made of white oak.
The windchest and the belows are made of western red ceder. Toeboards and rackboards are of libanon ceder.

The placement or the pipes on the windchest seen from the keyboard is as following: (from left to right)

f' es' g'                     a'', g'', f'', cis'', h'                     d', g, c'                     b', c'', d'', e'' fis''             a', e', fis'

The small instrument has a bright and inspiring sound, full of character, ground and partials.

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