In 1989 the organshop was founded by Berend Veger and Winold van der Putten in Winschoten. Berend Veger was educated as a music teacher and harpsichord player. Winold van der Putten was experienced organbuilder with the Reil brothers in Heerde.

The first commissions were the chestorgans for Jaques Ogg (continuoplayer in the "Orkest van de 18de eeuw") and the Conservatory in Groningen and the restauration of the churchorgan in Gandersum in Germany.
In 1998 the shop moved to Finsterwolde, in the previous "Hotel Hommes", in wich later the townhall of Finsterwolde was located. We found enough space in this building for our activities.
Berend Veger left the company in 1999, Winold van der Putten continued to guide the shop by himself.
The most important project was the organ built for the Evangelische Kirchengemeinde at Bremen-Walle, Germany. It is completely designed in style of 1650. Together with the GOART institute and german organbuilder Harm Kirschner of Weener ( it was possible to start to cast metal on sand. Further orders for new organs and restaurations followed.
The shop is happy to be located in the most famous and inspiring "organ-garden" in Europe.

In 2002 Winold van der Putten had a terrible car accident and wasn't able to continue to lead the organshop. Co-worker Ingrid Noack took over the shop and is director since 2006. Winold van der Putten is still working along as a volunteer and artistic advisor.
(Interview in the Dutch Organmagazine: De Orgelvriend).
The since years existing cooperation with Mense Ruiter organshop ( the exchange of knowledge, expertise and technical means is continued with financial partnership in our workshop.

Bellcaster Simon Laudy ( has his workshop behind our organshop and also with him we are having a good cooperation.
In 2010 we have 5 people working in the shop, which are working together as a good team.
Together we share the love for historic organs with oldfashioned temperament.